Advantages and Disadvantages of Hydroponics Marijuana growing

A lot of new growers prefer the hydroponics growing of marijuana plants. Rightly so because there really are advantages to this system. But at the same time there are also disadvantages so if you are a newbie in the field of marijuana cultivation and you're looking at hydroponics as the growing method to be used, then look at the following assessments and decide for yourself.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hydroponics Marijuana growing

Advantages of Hydroponics

It is a growing set-up where cleanliness is primordial. Since there is no soil being used, the growing condition is very clean. Hydroponics set-up requires only a small space to set-up unlike growing in pots which could consume more space given the same number of weed plants. Yield is also higher in this set-up because of the control that is naturally in the hands of the grower. It is also argued that the marijuana plants can directly feed on the needed nutrients because of instant water delivery unlike in soil where it must first be absorbed by the soil. Compared to other indoor set-up with soilless method, hydroponics is the easiest and most reliable.

Disadvantages of Hydroponics

Some of the disadvantages of a hydroponics set-up starts with a prohibitive cost for some growers. If you are a small-time grower who intend to grow only a few plants, then a hydro set-up could be too costly in this regard. Another is the grower must have the needed skills in a hydroponics set-up so a complete newbie may not be ideal for this method of growing weed plants. Lastly, it is not only the initial cost that this method entails. There is also the electricity costs involved which will increase in n automated set-up.

Can hydroponics be use outdoors?

Yes. It can be used in both indoor or outdoor set-up. In fact, some greenhouse set-up use hydroponics to grow marijuana plants.

If the environment is sanitized in a hydroponics set-up, then there is no more need to use pesticides?

This is true as long s the growing environment is not compromised. hydroponics set-up is naturally cleaner but it is not a hindrance for pests to invade the grow anytime so care is still needed even if hydroponics is the grow system being used.

Is hydroponics a natural or artificial way of growing marijuana plants?

It is still a natural way of growing weed plants because the growth is still natural and there are no genetic mutations being induced. Hydroponics is just a way of supplying pot plants what it needs in terms of nutrients in a more efficient manner.

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