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Jet-fuel "g6" Marijuana Strain
Jet-fuel "g6" Marijuana Strain

Type: Feminized
Genetics: N/A
Flowering Time: 5-6 weeks
Harvest size: 20 - 30 grams/m2
Thc Content: Active and happy
Medical: No
Growing: Easy

  • Currently 3.63/5

3.6/5(8 votes)

Jet-fuel "g6" Description & Growing Information
A mixture of Aspen OG and High Country Diesel, the JET-FUEL "G6" is a hybrid of indica and sativa and widely used as medical marijuana. This strain is best suited in indoor growing setups because it doesn't do well outdoors especially in varying weather conditions. The JET-FUEL "G6" needs ample lighting when grown indoors particularly when the cannabis plant starts to bear flowers all throughout its vegetative phase.
Since the JET-FUEL "G6" does not grow too tall, it is perfect to cultivate in DIY homemade grow boxes, pots, and closets. It will take about 9 to 10 weeks before its starts to yield and needs perfect timing to harvest. Weed growers must be able to harvest the JET-FUEL "G6" buds once it matures. If you wait too long, the buds will lose its potency thus affecting the taste.
Medically, this pot is perfect for those who want to release stress especially after a long day at work. It will calm muscles and give you a soaring high, allowing the user to relax and meditate. You can smoke this weed in any type of paraphernalia you want without the taste being affected. Novice growers will have to do a lot of studying before deciding to cultivate this variety. Reviews and instructional videos are of big help so as not to make the growing process too difficult.
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Jet-fuel "g6" Strain Videos
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Jetfuel G6 Reviews & Growing Help From Growers & Smokers
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Marcus| Wednesday, Nov 14, 2012 @ 10:28am

This is not as tall as i hoped it to be. Any tips?

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