What to Consider in Choosing the Right Variety of Marijuana Plants to Grow

Before actually deciding to buy seeds and grow marijuana plants, the grower must first be familiar with the strain or variety wanting to be grown. This is the reason why most commercially for sale strains have specifications so the grower can have an idea even before they make a purchase. Let us consider what makes a strain ideal to grow.

What to Consider in Choosing the Right Variety of Marijuana Plants to Grow

Commercial value

This is applicable if you intend to grow weed plant for commercial purposes. Cannabis smokers also follow the fad and the tendency is to go for strains that are popular. With good commercial value, you can readily have a good money maker on your side.

Size of the growing weed plant

It is important to take note of how tall or wide the pot plant can grow. This is especially true if you are growing indoors with limited space. Being familiar with the potential size of your growing weed plant when fully grown is therefore important so as not to give you trouble later on in terms of space.

Growing time

There are early-flowering strains and there are also those that require several months to fully finish. If you have specific short term goals about marijuana growing, then full and long term growing pot plants may not be for you. You can actually choose a strain that grows and finishes in just a few weeks like auto-flowering strains.


This is especially true if you prefer to grow marijuana plants with strong potency. A lot of growers prefer varieties with higher THC or CBD content and this can be done by choosing the ideal variety for you. The higher the THC content, the more uplifting and energetic the effect will be as opposite to the stoned and relaxing effects of those with higher CBD content.


All the efforts exerted are rewarded in terms of the quality and volume of yield. Most growers of cannabis plants prefer varieties that give big yield of potent buds. Weed plants that can give as much as 800gr.m2 or more of yield is definitely a high yielder.

Is taste also a consideration in choosing which Weed strain to grow?

For a good number of growers and smokers, yes. This is the reason why breeders make it a point to come up with different flavour and tastes for hybrid marijuana strains.

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