What Makes Auto-flowering Marijuana Plants a Versatile Strain

If you have observed in recent years, the trend of most breeders is to produce auto-flowering marijuana plants. In fact there is one breeder that sells only all auto-flowering strains while others in the same business also made it a point to have their own line-up of this variety. For weed growers, a lot of them are also making a shift to auto-flowering strains not only because of the trend but also because of the real benefits that can be derived as compared to growing full-termed cannabis varieties. But before you even jump on the bandwagon and decide to grow pot plants with this characteristics, it is important to know beforehand what actually makes them special and from there decide whether it is for your or not.

What Makes Auto-flowering Marijuana Plants a Versatile Strain

Auto-flowering strains have genetics coming from ruderalis. It is the special characteristics of ruderalis that is not present in other cannabis varieties like sativa and indica. Breeders crossed ruderalis with different sativa and indica strains to capture this distinct characteristic in order to make it easy for growers to grow weed plants. With an auto-flowering characteristic, the plant is not dependent on the presence of light for it to flower. Both sativa and indica need a lot of steady supply of lighting in order to flower but this is not the case with auto-flowering strains. They will grow regardless of the amount of light and will flower according to their age independent of any inducements. Auto-flowering also makes them finish a lot shorter than both sativa and indica. Instead of waiting for months for the pot plant to finish vegetation, auto-flowering strains almost have no vegetative stage and will start to flower immediately after germination when it has grown a few set of leaves. Another advantage of auto-flowering marijuana plants is they don't grow tall making them ideal for any growing environment whether indoor or outdoor. Since they don't grow tall and does not occupy much space, more weed plants can be accommodated in the grow room. The relative ease of growing cannabis plants with auto-flowering characteristic has made it an ideal plant especially for beginners.

If I use light on 24 hour basis, will that not make them flower faster?

No. Even if you submit them to 24 hour of light or even darkness, it will not affect its own rhythm and will still flower according to its own biological clock

Is it true that auto-flowering strains have lower potency?

Not necessarily. It will all depend on the dominant strain. If it is not potent to begin with, them making it an auto-flowering strain will not make it stronger in terms of potency.

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