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Y Griega Marijuana Strain Y Griega
Y Griega is a cannabis plant that has a strong effect when you use it that is why it is read more...
Y2K Marijuana Strain Y2K
Y2K is a fast growing Marijuana plant that only needs 7 weeks in order for you to harvest it. It read more...
Yarkoum Marijuana Strain Yarkoum
Yarkoum is a marijuana type that can be grown by beginners. It has a short flowering phase which means that read more...

Yo Mama Marijuana Strain Yo Mama
Yo Mama comes from the Bodhi strains. The smell of this Marijuana plant is very sweet just like skittles. This read more...
Yogi Marijuana Strain Yogi
Yogi is a Marijuana variation that came from Yo Mama. A lot of people love this kind of Cannabis read more...
Yoruba Nigeria Marijuana Strain Yoruba Nigeria
Africa has been considered as an excellent source of good strains of marijuana. One of which include the Yoruba Nigeria read more...

Yumboldt Marijuana Strain Yumboldt
The Yumboldt marijuana came to existence when crossbreeding the hybrids of sativa and indica. This amazing variant was developed by read more...
Yummy Marijuana Strain Yummy
The Yummy cannabis has brought to life with an effort of crossbreeding the Yumboldt mother strain and the male G13 read more...

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