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Quasar Marijuana Strain Quasar
First and foremost, Quasar strains from Buddha seed is non-autoflowering unlike the other strains of cannabis seed. It can provide read more...
Querkle Marijuana Strain Querkle
TGA Subcool Seeds Querkle is an indica-dominant hybrid whose mother strain is Purple Urkle crossed with the male Space Queen. read more...
Queso Marijuana Strain Queso
To begin with, the Spanish seed manufacturer Kannabia had received positive reports on Cheese from the UK market which compelled read more...

Quick Fix  Marijuana Strain Quick Fix
One of the latest strains you could get from Sagarmatha seed bank is Quick Fix. This is a feminized one read more...
Quick Fruit  Marijuana Strain Quick Fruit
Quick Fruit is another variety of autoflowering seeds characterized by her sweet taste, scent and especially her high yield. This read more...
Quick Poison Marijuana Strain Quick Poison
The original strain where Quick Poison comes from is Lowryder: practically the excellent result of the cross Northern Light, Rude read more...

Quicksilver Marijuana Strain Quicksilver
Quicksilver is such another interesting marijuana strain to know! She is a hybrid of Indica and Sativa, a regular plant read more...
QUSH Marijuana Strain QUSH
QUSH is just a regular marijuana strain, a compact but high yielding hybrid of indica and sativa which is considered read more...

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