Identifying Female and Male Growing Marijuana Plants

Part of the all-important stage of vegetation when growing marijuana plants is to be able to identify the male from female plants. This is crucial and must borne in mind whether you are growing from ordinary or even female strains. This is also true in the case of planting clones because even if the clones came from a female mother, It could still become hermaphrodite in certain cases like poor lighting conditions and other missteps in growing style. To avoid experiencing a set-back, it is important to identify and be familiar with how marijuana plants differ in terms of their sexes. Once the males and hermaphrodites are identified, they should be separated from the female weed plants in order for the latter to produce only buds and not seeds. This is where the pot plants are called sensimilla when they have no seeds in their buds.

Identifying Female and Male Growing Marijuana Plants

Male marijuana plants

During the flowering stage, they will start to form buds. Yes, even male cannabis plants develop buds but its shape is different from the buds of female weeds especially when they start to appear. They will show like small balls in between the stems where the flowers are supposed to grow. When you see these tiny ball shaped developments, you can be sure they are male cannabis plants and they should be put out or destroyed unless you want to leave some for pollination purposes.

Female Weed plants

You can identify them by having hairs or pistils. They will grow a pair of hairs in every bud or more in some instances. When you see these white hairs, they are female and they have the most potent THC content unless pollinated by male marijuana plants.

Hermaphrodite Pot Plants

This is the aberration of nature and seldom occur but it does appear every now and then. Hermaphrodites have both male and females sexes. They will show pistils and at the same time ball-shaped development. They are more dangerous than male plants because they can alter the genetic qualities of your strain so hermaphrodite marijuana plants must be destroyed at once when identified.

What are the chances of getting male weed plants from a feminized strain?

First of all, you have to get you pot strain from credible breeders. Next is to maintain effective lighting. Erratic lighting exposure can cause the occurrence of male plants.

What are the other signs that can tell me it's a male marijuana plant?

Males generally are shorter than female weed plants so it is best to also consider this fact when growing cannabis plants.

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