Harvesting Marijuana Plants at the Right Time

After all the worries inherent while growing marijuana plants have been satisfied, you are now ready to harvest you ladies. All your efforts have finally paid off and you are rewarded with a hefty yield that is ready to go anytime you wish. You are now faced with a question on whether to harvest the buds early, late or just about the ideal timing according to your gut feel. Harvesting weed buds also has a technique and this is something that you must follow and not hastily go on a cutting binge here and there.

Harvesting Marijuana Plants at the Right Time

Harvest in the dark

The first order of the day when it comes to harvesting cannabis buds is to do it while it's still dark. Early morning when the sun has not yet risen is the best way to do it if they are grown outdoors. In the case of indoor growing, it can be anytime as long as the pot plants to be harvested have been given a few hours of darkness. This allows the weed plants to rest and regain their THC potency which were lost during the day because of the so many activities it had to go through like feeding and other stressful conditions it may have been subjected during the day.

Early Harvesting

When around or at least 30% of the buds have ripened and ready for harvest, you can begin the chore with your blades and this is called early harvesting. There are growers who prefer this technique because they think it is best to harvest marijuana buds early than wait for them to over ripen and lose potency in the process.

Late Harvesting

When at least 50% of your buds have ripened, then it is ready for late harvesting. Most growers prefer this method of allowing the buds to fully age so the buds can have enough maturity and consequently more THC potency which is desired in terms of smoking.

Is there a right timing for harvest aside from early and late harvesting?

Some growers of cannabis plants don't follow both early and late harvesting. What they do is to harvest every time they see ripe buds in their pot plants.

What happens if the buds over ripen?

As mentioned, timing is important because if the buds are not harvested timely, their THC potency will go down and will be replaced by another substance that is not ideal for smoking.

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