Growing Marijuana Effective Watering Tips

Water is an indispensable part of any marijuana growing endeavour. Right from the moment of germination, water already played its part in sprouting and more of it will be needed during the entire life plant's life cycle. Every element needed for weed plants to grow are important but water is one of those that it cannot do without. Growers can regulate and control just about anything but the same is not true in the case of its need for water. When it comes to water, the grower is at the mercy of the cannabis plant and must satisfy its needs otherwise the grower will be punished with a weak grow that leads to failure in the end.

Growing Marijuana Effective Watering Tips

Watering should have a regular cycle

When a regular cycle has been set, pot plants will anticipate because it is like forming a habit on its part. There is no need to water daily depending on the growing environment and the temperature prevailing. Don't allow your soil to become too dry but never allow it to drown either.

Your water should have a neutral ph

A ph metering device could do the trick for you. There must also be no chlorine in it. Using warm tap water with no chlorine is important. If there is chlorine in water, it is important to make it evaporate for about 12 to 24 hours before watering your weed plants.

Water in the Morning

It is during daytime that your marijuana plants perform the activities that make it grow. It feeds more on daytime and since nutrients are mixed in water, then it should be watered during such period. It is best to water pot plants in the morning when the sun is not yet hot.

The tap water that I have is cold due to the outside weather, can I use it to water my weed plants?

The tap water that I have is cold due to the outside weather, can I use it to water my weed plants?

What is the effect if my water has chlorine in it?

Too much chlorine will make the soil acidic. In this case, there is a need to add some calcium. Ordinary warm tap water is ideal for growing marijuana plants.

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