Effective Tips being used in cloning Marijuana Plants

In growing weed plants, you tend to become attached to a particular strain because of its special characteristics. It could be because of the relative ease it can be grown or the taste and high that it gives when smoked or all of these characteristics at the same time. When this happens, the idea that comes into mind is to clone the weed plant so that you can grow exactly the same strain and enjoy the characteristics desired. But growing marijuana plants from cuttings that came from a mother plant has some steps to follow to make sure that you do it right the first time.

Effective Tips being used in cloning Marijuana Plants

Choose wisely

Select the female marijuana plant to clone. This is because all the characteristics of the cloned plant will be carried by the clone. If it is prone to pests, the same will be true with the resulting clone so the first thing to do is to choose wisely.

Timing is important

The ideal time to make cuttings is during the vegetation stage before the growing weed plant starts to bloom. Some growers decide to clone only when they are sure that the pot plant is really a female which means they do it during the flowering stage but it will take long for the cuttings to turn back to its vegetative stage in this case.

Keep it clean

When cuttings are to be done, make sure that the preparation is clean including yourself. The blades must be sanitized and wear gloves to make sure the hands are cleaned and sanitized. If dirt becomes part of the cuttings, it might not live long and eventually die.

Prepare an ideal growing medium

Growers differ on what growing medium should be used. To be sure, there are prepared growing mediums that are ideal for cuttings and you can choose whether you prefer soil, rockwool or other mediums.

Give it a lot of light exposure

Once the cuttings are planted on its growing medium, and watered generously, expose it to a lot of light. A 20/4 light cycle is ideal in this regard. Keep it in a protective enclosure to prevent possible intrusion of insects or pets. Remember that your cuttings have not yet taken root and therefore must not be moved unnecessarily.

Which is better in making a cut, a blade or scissor?

A blade that is sanitized is better because the cut must be clean and swift without striation.

Can I plant the cuttings directly into the ground?

You can do this but the chances of success might diminish. To be sure, prepare a growing medium and use a rooting gel to increase the success ratio.

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