If you are thinking of growing marijuana using a hydro system, you have to have a better understanding of each system to make the necessary decision on which of the available systems are applicable to your particular situation. there are several types of hydro systems and some of the more popular are the following:


Ebb and Flow System

Also known as the "flood and drain system", ebb and flow is normally used for short to medium marijuana plants. This system follows a basic nutrient and oxygen supply to the plant's roots. There are two types of ebb and flow system and they are the table and container system but the principle is basically the same for both systems. The system works by having a submersible pump where water with nutrients are flowed in to the table or bucket and then flows back to a reservoir.

Nutrient Film Technique

This hydro growing system of weed plants is one of the first used and still very popular especially for those using a SCROG set-up. It is a low-maintenance and inexpensive system and there are also different NFT techniques being used by growers.

Deep Water Culture

This is also known as "Bubbler". The principle is based on the constant aeration of water in the bucket with the nutrients in it. The bubbling effect of aeration keeps the nutrients always oxygenated and therefore always ready for the roots to feed on. This is one technique for faster growth of cannabis plants and is actually the main purpose of this set-up

Drip System

This is very much like the ebb and flow system although inexpensive and ideal even for beginners because it is easier to set-up. The principle is almost the same because there is also a pump that brings water with nutrients to the pot and then drips to a waiting reservoir after a set number of minutes.


This is considered as the most effective in terms of faster growth of marijuana plants. The roots are suspended in mid-air and there is an automatic sprayer where nutrients are included in water. This is the most delicate of all the systems and requires expertise in terms of set-up as well as the operation of its materials like the spray.

Of all these hydroponic systems, which is the most popular?

The ebb and flow system is more popular because it is preferred by most commercial growers but it doesn't mean also that it is the most effective as the others are also excellent in terms of growing pot plants using a hydro system

Which among these hydro systems for cannabis growing is the most expensive?

Given the same number of weed plants to be grown in a hydro set-up, it is the aeroponics set-up that is considered as the most expensive.

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