Which Marijuana Seed is good for Indoor Cannabis Growing?

Marijuana seeds are basically categorized into two:

Breeders often cross strains or cross breed to change the properties of the two kinds of pot seeds. This will affect the several properties such as potency, yield and growth of the plant to achieve desirable results.

Indicas tends to grow smaller, matures earlier and contains more chlorophyll compared to Sativas which many indoor growers prefer due to room availability and setup. Indicas have stockier, smellier and denser buds as to Sativas' bigger, taller and less compact buds. Indicas are bushier, have wide leaflets and grows shorter reaching as high as 4.5 meters. Sativas on the other hand are much taller in terms of plant height, takes a long time for it to mature and could reach to the height of 6 feet to 25 feet long.

This is also the reason why Indicas are favoured by most indoor growers as this will not consume too much of a room space. It is also suitable for beginners since it is much easier to grow and at the same time as potent as its counterpart. Some experienced growers also prefer Indica because they can get more out of its strain's high yield and small height gain.

These types of pot seeds originally come from countries like Afghanistan, Morocco and Tibet. They normally mature at a period of 6 to 8 weeks after flowering starts. It is also preferred to use feminized marijuana seeds because it is known that female plants that have not been pollinated are the most productive.

What are some of the marijuana seed strains which recommended for indoor growing?

Below are some of the popular feminized cannabis seeds suitable for indoor growing:

Amsterdam Indica
Crystal Rain weed seeds
White Widow weed seeds
Lowrider / Lowryder

Though it has been proven that cultivating cannabis seeds in a grow room or indoor setup, there are still several factors to consider as to what type of seed to select for indoor growing. Since a seed varies on how tall they grow or the type of buds and flowers they produce. Also, elements such as light, heat, air, nutrients and water are to be highly considered as well in order to be successful in cultivating cannabis seeds in an indoor setup.

Why is it recommended to use feminized seeds?

Feminized marijuana seeds are known to be more productive in terms of bearing flowers and buds. Most breeders prefer female pot seeds for easy cultivation and increase of production of weed seeds and buds.

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