Where and How to Get Free Weed Seeds Online

There are many places wherein you can get quality pot seeds online or on retail outlet stores. You may get them from dealers or even from the seed companies themselves. You may notice that there are some online sites that offer quality seeds that come with free marijuana seeds. This kind of marketing strategy is also very common when it comes to seed banks. You can get the free cannabis seeds mostly once you have completed your transaction with the seed dealer. Normally, there are free 5 seeds but some can give up to 20 random seeds. Note that these seeds are of quality and that they are no different than the seeds for sale. They are free because seed sellers aim to gain the trust of their customers.

Where and How to Get Free Weed Seeds Online

Why are seedbanks giving away free cannabis seeds?

You may think that the online shops who say that they are giving away free marijuana seeds are scammers but they are not. That is because from their point of view, the free seeds that they give their customer is a good element in building a good and strong relationship with them. When you get your seeds from them, then the shop will be giving you free pot seeds. The seeds that you will receive will be random but are sure to be of quality. This gesture is a good marketing strategy that is practiced by most seed banks.

What does the free marijuana seeds' package contain?

The shops that give away free seeds make sure that the seeds are of quality. They are no lesser in terms of performance or yields when compared to the seeds for sale. The downside is that the free cannabis seeds can be of any sort. It can be an indica, sativa or even ruderalis. It can also be feminized or even auto flowering and from time to time, the free pot seeds that you can get can contain a strain that is a Cannabis Cup Winner. These seeds are sure to be of quality because if they are not, then they will be defeating their purpose which is to build a good and healthy relationship between the seed sellers and the growers. The weed seeds that you might receive may be a combination of female and male strains. In short, the free seeds that are being given away are random.

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