What you need to know about growing marijuana outdoors

We all know that outdoors is the best way to grow marijuana plants. The main and uncontested argument about this is the fact that like all plants, cannabis plants will grow best in its natural environment where there are natural fresh air, fertile soil, and the benefit of direct sunlight. Given its natural surroundings, it will grow naturally according to its own biological clock without being exposed to stress that are most of the time prevalent in an indoor set-up.

What you need to know about growing marijuana outdoors

But not all varieties of weed plants are ideal for an outdoor growing concern. With the scientific approach being used to produce hybrid strains, breeders can now opt to produce only indoor and outdoor strains separately or both characteristics in one strain. It is then important to be familiar with the strains that are best for an outdoor setting before actually starting the activity of growing.

When outdoor growing has been decided, the grower must also take into consideration a lot of factors that are attendant to such an endeavour. With outdoor growing, it is a given that it is the most ideal for the plants but the bigger consideration is also the attending difficulties inherent in the set-up. The growing pot plants become open at the same time to its natural enemies like pests, mites, mold, and even pets among others. Without proper care and attention, marijuana plants become easy prey to these parasites that can ruin some or even all of the crops.

Another consideration is when outdoor weed growing has been decided, the medium that must be used should be soil. It could be by means of pot or bucket growing or the direct planting on soil. Outdoor growing is the natural way of cultivating marijuana plants and it follows that the growing medium to be used must be soil.

What strains are best for outdoor growing?

It is easy to determine if a strain is for indoor or outdoor. Just follow the specifications given on the packaging when you receive them. Also, it makes good sense when you first identify fully the variety you intend to grow.

How do I choose marijuana strains for outdoor growing?

When choosing the right variety for outdoor growing of pot plants, you have to consider the place where you intend to put them. Is it a small pocket garden, an open field, balcony and such other considerations? If the space is small, it follows that the cannabis plant must not be a tall variety for it to fit in the space available and vice versa.

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