What Kind of Marijuana Seeds are best for Growing Outdoors?

Most growers prefer to grow outdoor cannabis seeds because it is way easier when compared to growing indoors. That is because when you grow indoor seeds, that means that everything will be provided by you unlike growing outdoors where most of the needs of the plants are available in nature. Growers prefer to grow sativa dominant strains outdoors because they finish their growing cycle early. When you grow pot seeds outdoors, you must consider the climate so a fast finisher is a good choice. Also, unlike indica strains, sativa dominant plant is very hardy so they can handle a little amount of stress. When choosing the weed seeds to grow, you must also consider their tolerance with stress because it can affect the yields directly.

What Kind of Marijuana Seeds are best for Growing Outdoors?

What are the advantages of growing cannabis seeds outdoors?

When you choose to grow marijuana seeds indoors, you will be the one who provides everything that the plant needs. That also means that you can control every aspect of growing it thus enabling you to grow pot seeds all year around. However, indoor growing has its own disadvantages such as it is easier for things to go wrong especially if the grower has no experience with indoor growing. There are many growers who prefer growing weed seeds outdoor because most of the job will be done by nature: the lighting, growing medium and even the air ventilation. Also, growing outdoors means that you will not need that much money for initial setup unlike indoor growing. When you choose to grow outdoors, you will also have abundant growing space which is one of the major problems of growing indoors.

How to grow pot seeds outdoors?

The approach of growing outdoors is very different when compared to growing marijuana seeds indoors. Still, growers need to germinate the seeds successfully and the later on transfer it to the growing medium. The growing medium available when growing outdoors is the soil so after germinating, you need to transfer the seedlings into a rich soil. Once done, you need to setup the nets and spray on the right amount of pesticides to protect your cannabis seeds from pests. Make sure that you will not over or under fertilized your weed seeds because it can cause stress to them. Over watering the plant can also cause some serious stress. Lastly, you need to make sure that your garden is not seen in public because growing seeds is still a legal crime in most areas.

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