Cannabis Water Bongs For A Different Marijuana Experience

The use of water bong is one of the most popular ways of smoking cannabis buds because of its cooling effect that is smooth on the throat and lungs. They are almost the same with water pipes but the kind of high it can give to the user is different. With cannabis water bongs, smoke will pass rapidly to the water filled in it, cooling it down before it enters your mouth. This marijuana paraphernalia is made from different materials like metal, ceramics, wood, acrylic and glass. Getting a good quality type will allow you to enjoy smoking cannabis for years.

Cannabis Water Bongs For A Different Marijuana Experience

What Are The Different Materials Used For Making Water Bongs?

Water bongs for smoking marijuana available in local tobacco stores and online headshops are made from different materials such as acrylics, glass, woods, ceramics and metals. Some pot users are also making their own using plastic as the material. Among the different kinds of marijuana water bongs, the glass types are said to be the ones that can give a really good smoke. As compared to other types, it cools the smoke very quickly. Acrylic types are more durable but smoke produced is quite harsh on the throat. The cheapest is the wooden type but among all the weed water bongs, it doesn't last too long.

How To Smoke Cannabis Using Weed Water Bongs?

Almost the same with water pipes but weed water bongs work differently and the effect produced is also dissimilar. Using marijuana water bongs is just easy. Some have a small hole which is called a carburetor. This tiny hole is covered with a finger so smoke can fill up the whole chamber. Fill the marijuana bong with cold water and do not forget to check on the water level. Place the buds on the bowl and start burning. Put your mouth on the top opening and start inhaling the cannabis smoke bubbled through the water contained in a chamber for a more cooling effect.

Where To Find Cheap Water Bongs For Sale?

You can buy cheap marijuana water bongs online from headshops and various tobacco stores. It is good to purchase online because the internet can give you a wide array of options. You can find different types of pot water bongs made from different materials at the lowest possible price. Get the best deal in prices for these weed paraphernalia. Place an order online and after completing it, you can make payments via bank transfer, through credit cards or in cash. Read the FAQs section of the online store where you want to buy pot water bongs to know what are other types of payments they are accepting.

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