Marijuana Growing Information - Use of Male Plants
Male plants are generally hated by anyone growing marijuana because they are almost useless. With the chance of growing a male plant being about 50% for each seed it really helps if you can use the male plants for something. There is something you can do so you can use the male plants but the yield will not be large.


You will want to pick out the male plants before they start to release the pollen in them. If you don’t do this then the female plants will begin to utilize part of the resin in order to create seeds. If you don’t move the male plants away soon enough then you could be weakening the yield of the female plants. Ideally you will pick out the male plants as soon as they show that they are in fact male weed plants.

There is also a lot of curiosity over whether you can smoke male plant buds or not. Some people say that they have smoked buds from male plants before but the yield is not large and they are usually harsher but others say that you cannot possibly smoke buds from male marijuana plants so there is no definite answer. There is no largely beneficial use for male weed plants and the best thing you can do is just get them away from the female plants. However, if your goal is to grow marijuana seeds then you could find a bit of a use for male weed plants.

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