Understanding the use of Bubbleponics for Indoor Marijuana Growing

Also known as Deep Water Culture(DWC), bubbleponics is getting very popular to a lot of marijuana plant growers. This is because of the built-in advantages of using this system as compared to other hydro system of growing weed plants. The benefits are so many and comprehensive that even the costs involved in setting up bubbleponics is meagre considering the many benefits that can be derived from its continuous use. But what really is bubbleponics and how is it different from the other hydro systems? We will not go into the piece by piece comparison of each hydro cannabis growing methods and instead just focus on what makes bubbleponics different from the rest of the growing methods in an indoor setting for weed plants.

Understanding the use of Bubbleponics for Indoor Marijuana Growing

Bubbleponics is a variation of the other hydroponics growing methods for pot plants. It has no growing medium where roots take hold. Instead, the roots are hanged by holding the lower portion of the plant either by a clam or a trap to prevent the body from falling into the basin. The roots are suspended and submerged in a basin where water with nutrients flow for the roots to feed on. The added feature of bubbleponics is the oxygenated nature of the water used in the basin and this is made possible by adding air stones into the water. There is a pump that makes the water flow into the basin where the roots are submerged and the water returns to the reservoir situated below or beside the basin of weed plants.

The airstone in the reservoir that pumps water into the basin helps in oxygenating the water. This action is what causes the bubbles to appear in the flow and this is where this method of growing cannabis plants got its name. With more oxygen, the roots get to digest more nutrients which in turn propels it to grow faster and give more yield in the end.

What is an airstone?

Understanding the use of Bubbleponics for Indoor Marijuana Growing

How long should be the roots of marijuana plants submerged in water?

For bubbleponics, the growing marijuana plant is submerged in water for 24 hours and this is also meant to maintain the oxygen activity in the water.

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