Understanding the Basics of Growing Marijuana Plants

For beginners in the field of marijuana growing, it is best to understand the fundamentals involved in the entire process of cultivating this wonderful plant. The good thing about cannabis is that it is a strong plant that can thrive in almost any environment that is why it is called weed in many countries. But even if it has strong characteristics that are not normally present in other plants, it is still necessary to understand the basics of growing it.

Understanding the Basics of Growing Marijuana Plants

The Vegetation Stage

Right after the weed plants sprouted, it enters the next stage of growing called the vegetative stage. This is the stage where they are normally transferred to their final growing medium. After germination, it is advised that the sprouted plant be transferred as minimally as possible to prevent stress that might hinder its growth. The vegetation is where the grower must give the needed attention the most to make sure that it will survive and grow according to expectations. Most of the failures in growing marijuana plants can be traced to the mistakes committed during this stage. Proper watering, use of fertilizers with the right NPK ratio, and adequate lightings are some of the important factors to be considered. Lots of water is also important during this stage but the grower must also make sure that they are not over-watered as it is also fatal to the growing pot plants.

Flowering Stage

As soon as the weed plant starts to flower, the grower must be able to identify the male from the female plants. Separating the male from the female pot plants will ensure that those female plants left are sensimilla or without seeds. A change of nutrients being fed is also necessary in this stage to maximize the blooming of cannabis buds. Some strains may also be susceptible to mold especially when the buds are thick and not airy so the grower must also be ready to prevent the onset of mold in this regard.

What stage is the most difficult in growing marijuana plants?

Perhaps the most demanding is the vegetation stage because just like raising babies, your cannabis plants will require the most attention during this stage. Proper lighting in case of indoor growing and adequate protection in terms of outdoor growing are very important to ensure their survival from their natural enemies.

What about the harvesting phase, is it not included in the growing stage of pot plants?

The harvesting stage is no longer part of growing because it is included in the next phase that involves harvesting, drying and curing marijuana plants.

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