Top Outdoor Marijuana Seeds

You should know that outdoor growing is the simplest and most common method for seeds cultivation. That is because growing outdoor cannabis seeds mean that nature will be doing most of the work. However, the key to outdoor growing is the climate. A good example is an outdoor strain known as the Silver Haze. This strain can grow and give good harvest when grown in a place that has a sunny climate but will perform poorly on areas wherein the climate is cold and has little exposure to the sun. There is pot seeds that has been enhanced that came from strains that does not grow well outdoors. Some of the top outdoor pot seeds are indica while others are sativa. There are also times wherein they are of ruderalis hybrid. Also, outdoor weed seeds have autoflowering or feminized versions too. There are also others that are Cannabis Cup winner.

Top Outdoor Marijuana Seeds

What are the differences between outdoor and indoor cannabis seeds?

There is a lot of difference betweenindoor and outdoor marijuana seeds. When you decide to grow indoors you as the grower will be the one who will provide everything that your plant needs. That means you have total control in every aspect. You can increase elements that can greatly improve or cause stress to your plants. When growing outdoor pot seeds, most of the elements will be provided by nature. The things that you will provide mostly are fertilizers and other pesticides to take care of the pests and plagues. The good thing about growing indoors is that it can let you grow weed seeds all year around without worrying about the season. However, note that the initial setup of indoor growing can be a little pricey. In growing outdoor weed seeds, make sure that your garden is hidden.

What to expect from growing weed outdoors? What are the risks?

There are a lot of things that you should considering when growing marijuana outdoors. There are pests that will cause damage to your plant when left unattended. Aside from pests, there are also natural calamities that can damage or even kill your plants but that rarely happens. To prevent pests from living off your outdoor marijuana seeds, make sure to use pesticides and nets. There are also molds but most of the outdoor weed seeds are resistant to that kind of element. Growing outdoors means that your garden can be seen publicly so make sure that it is a legal act in your country.

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