Top Indoor Marijuana Seeds

Indoor growing has been growing more popular every day. That is because with growing indoor cannabis seeds, growers will be able to harvest any time of year because the season will be unimportant unlike with outdoor growing. There are many marijuana strains that are ideal for indoor growing that can be indica, sativa or even ruderalis hybrid. There are also some that are feminized and Cannabis Cup winners. Some of the indoor pot seeds that are famous are the Auto Mass, Auto NL, Blue Mystic Auto, Blueberry Twist, Bulldog White Widow, Chronic, Double Berry, Greenhouse Seeds Northern Lights Auto and Knockout. Note that there are seed banks and online shops that offers seed bundles that contain indoor weed seeds of different kinds.

Top Indoor Marijuana Seeds

What are the benefits of growing indoor cannabis seeds?

Many growers practice indoor growing because of many different reasons. When you choose to grow indoor marijuana seeds, you will be the one who will have total control over the growing environment. That means the grower will be the one who will provide the simplest of things such as light and water that can be found in nature. The growing medium can be changed and the style can be different. You can have the normal growing setup with pots or you can grow indoor pot seeds with hydroponics. You can increase certain growing elements that affect the speed of maturation of the indoor weed seeds. The best features of growing indoors are that you can grow all year around and you can make the whole growing environment automatic.

What are the disadvantages in growing indoor pot seeds?

As much as there are benefits in indoor growing, there are also some disadvantages. When you are growing indoor cannabis seeds and your environment is automated, then your problem will take place when your timers malfunction. When a timer malfunction, the thing that could happen is that it may send a go signal earlier or later. There are also cases when growing indoor marijuana seeds wherein timers don't send a go signal at all. Aside from the timers, you also face the problem of over or under fertilizing your indoor weed seeds which could damage the seeds. Another disadvantage of indoor growing is that the initial setup is a little pricey. You need to buy equipment, setup air ventilation, set timers, and place the artificial lightings and many other things.

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