Tips on how to increase the THC or CBD content of marijuana plants

For beginners in the field of marijuana cultivation, it is better to set the record straight that it is not only the THC content that is important to develop while growing cannabis plants. There is also the CBD content that is higher than THC when indica strains are being grown. Here are some of the best practices to increase the potency of your weed plants.

Tips on how to increase the THC or CBD content of marijuana plants

The Growing Environment

For best results, you marijuana plants should be grown in its ideal environment. If it is basically endemic in a warm tropical climate, then you can expect it to diminish its potency if grown in colder climates of the European continent. Plant stress has much to do with the increase or decrease of both THC and CBD content.


Grow a strain that has high THC or CBD content and half of the concern is already solved. If the weed plant has weak THC or CBD content genetically, no amount of care and nutrients can make it reach levels that are beyond its reach to begin with. When choosing a particular pot strain to grow, it is best to smoke it first then decide if it is for you or not.

Harvest Techniques

Proper harvesting play an important role in the potency of cannabis buds and leaves. Harvesting should be done during early morning when the sun has not yet risen. Harvesting in the dark is better than in the day that's why almost all growers harvest in the dark rather than during daytime.

Drying and Curing

Proper drying and curing also plays an important role in maintaining the potency of weed plants. Drying should be made in total darkness while curing should be totally enclosed in a jar or container and just opened every 24 hours to allow it to breathe and unwanted substances to evaporate.

Is it possible to have a balanced THC and CBD content in one marijuana plant?

Yes. It happens when indica and sativa are crossed. There are hybrid weed strains that have almost balanced THC and CBD.

Why would THC content decrease if marijuana plants have already pre-determined range of potency?

The pre-determined potency is based on a range and not specific. It is the same as giving the minimum and maximum level. Also, the processing of marijuana buds and leaves after harvest is not chemical based like cigarettes so the potency will be based on how it was handled.

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