Tips and Tricks in Planting Marijuana Seeds

Before you can grow seeds, you must first decide which strain you will grow. It can be indica, sativa, ruderalis or a hybrid. It can also be auto flowering or feminized. Just note that before buying, it is a good idea to read reviews about the shop where you will be getting the seeds. Make sure that the cannabis seeds that you will buy are fit to grow in your area. That means the plant can grow in the kind of climate that your area does. You also have to be sure that you can provide the needs of the pot seeds. You can ask around on forums regarding the weed seeds that you want to buy so that they can give you tips.

Tips and Tricks in Planting Marijuana Seeds

Which weed grow medium should I use?

In growing marijuana seeds, you have a lot of options. You can grow them outdoors if your climate suits that strain of your choice and if growing this kind of seeds is a legal act in your area. You can also grow them indoors with you giving them everything that they need. Also, note that growing pot seeds indoor will enable you to grow seeds all year around regardless of the season. Aside from the growing environment, you must also consider your methods´┐Żwill you be growing weed seeds hydroponically or organically. Growing organically means that you will follow the traditional method which means that you will be using soil as your growing medium. When you decide to grow with hydroponics, you should consider the price of the initial setup. It is more expensive when compared to organic growing.

What is hydroponics marijuana growing?

Hydroponics is a growing method that utilizes many different equipment and elements to grow cannabis seeds successfully. In this kind of growing, you can make use of many different growing mediums that can be either man made or organic. Growing mediums can be anything that a plant can grow on. It can be soil, Rockwool Perlite, and many others. Also, there are many different setup that you can choose from when you decide to grow marijuana seeds with hydroponics. There is the ebb and flow, top drip system, deep water, wick system and many others. In this kind of growing you need to provide the micronutrients that are found in the soil to your pot seeds. Also, hydroponics means that your entire growing environment will be automated and are triggered by timers. That is why the initial setup for this kind of growing is pricey.

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