The Most Important Stage in Growing Marijuana Plants

When growing marijuana plants, all the stages of its development are important and must be taken into serious consideration by the grower. A proper understanding of each stage is essential because the needs of the weed plant differ in each stage. But though all are important, there is one stage in the life of plants that require more attention on the part of the grower.

The recognized most difficult stage in growing pot plants is the vegetation stage and this is because of several reasons.

The Most Important Stage in Growing Marijuana Plants

They are like Babies

This is especially true during the initial stage of vegetation and they will require meticulous attention. It is easy to get over-excited and make mistakes that could prove disastrous to the growing baby plants at this stage. This is the point where the grower must be familiar with the watering, and nutritional requirements of growing weed plants. Fertilizers are easy to administer because it normally comes with directions on how it should be applied on a regular or periodic basis. But watering needs will depend on the actual prevailing conditions in the grow room or outdoor environment.

In some areas, because of cold climate, there may not be a need for daily watering but in tropical countries with humid climate, the grower may need to water on a daily basis. The best barometer in determining whether the weed plant needs water is in the soil itself. If it is cold when touched, it means it has enough moist still and watering is not yet needed. The ph level of soil is also important during the early stage of vegetation. When leaves start to droop or turn yellow, check the ph level of the soil.

Getting ready for the flowering stage

You do not prepare for the flowering stage when it is already flowering. Knowing what to do in this stage will enable your marijuana plants to bloom properly. At this stage, they will look like real marijuana plants and this is because they are already maturing. They will start to show pistils and will eventually reveal their sexes which must put the grower on guard and be able to identify immediately the male plants and take them away before they bloom. Done properly, the early flowering stage will ensure that you will have your weed plants ready for the blooming stage.

How do I know if my pot plants already have enough water?

Try to observe the soil when you pour water on it. If it takes long to penetrate, then it means that the soil still has enough water.

Try to observe the soil when you pour water on it. If it takes long to penetrate, then it means that the soil still has enough water.

They can't because the release of water to the plants is timed and so is the time that the water is emptied to a waiting container.

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