THC Bomb Marijuana Seeds

Our brand new strain of marijuana THC Bomb is creating some rave reviews from cannabis growers in the know. As the name suggests the plant produces huge buds with high levels of THC. This is an ideal commercial growers plant. Like Big Bud the harvest will be massive. The plant remains short and is extremely strong and vigorous. It also finishes very fast with higher levels of THC than Big Bud or PPP. THC Bomb is a real winner!
INDOOR / OUTDOOR                               Indoor/outdoor
TYPE                                                          Indica Sativa Mix
PLANT HEIGHT                                        Short
HARVEST                                                  Months 9/10 sept / Oct if outdoor
YIELD                                                          High up to 700g M2

Underwatering Marijuana Plants

If you don’t give your marijuana plants enough water it can lead to various health issues and could end up killing the plant. The marijuana plant will become stressed from not getting enough water and not being moisturized. The carbohydrate production is also severely messed up when the marijuana plants don’t get enough water. If your marijuana plants are not getting enough water you should give them water more often instead of giving them large amounts all at once.


If your dope plants are growing in a pot and they don’t seem too heavy when you go to lift them then it’s a good sign that they need to get watered. You don’t want to wait until the leaves on your cannabis plants start showing signs of dehydration to water the plant. It’s better to give the plant water when it still has a bit left to absorb then to wait till it’s out of water.

Although you also have to make sure that you don’t give the weed plants too much water because it can be just as bad. Make sure you give your dope plants enough water every time you supply it to them so there is no chance of the plant getting harmed or dying from dehydration.

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