Techniques to prevent marijuana plants from growing too tall

There are times when a grower encounters a marijuana plant that grows too tall and would almost not stop reaching for the sky in a manner of speaking. When this happens, the tendency is either to just allow it to grow tall or prevent it from becoming too tall at all by means of several known techniques. Sometimes there is a tendency to overdo things and the weed plant ends up not being able to fully flourish in the process.

Techniques to prevent marijuana plants from growing too tall

Choose the right strain first

The important thing to take into consideration in growing cannabis plants at the very onset is to be familiar with the strain to be grown. If the intention is to grow a tall plant, then adequate space both vertical and horizontal must be prepared. If the intention is to grow short varieties because of limited space available in the grow room, then the shorter varieties must be preferred like the indica or those with ruderalis genetics. But miscalculations do happen and the grower is faced with a dilemma of dealing with pot plant that would not stop growing even during the flowering stage so some techniques must really be applied.

Top Marijuana Plants before flowering

One important thing to remember is topping cannabis plants must be done only during the flowering stage. This is to prevent them from growing too tall and at the same time to give them more stocky posture in terms of strengthening the stems and growing multiple stems from those that were cut.

Topping the Weed plant

This is one of the oldest techniques in the book and done to arrest the vertical growth of plants. By cutting the tops, the tendency of weed plants is to produce more stems from the cut stem causing it to become stronger and produce more leaves in the process. The problem with this technique especially with regards the buds or colas is for the pot plant to produce small buds rather than one big centre bud. It might also contribute to the late development of buds because of the stress the stems went through when topped.

Is pruning similar to topping?

These two are mistaken by some as the same. Pruning is more scientific while topping is not and actually not recommended as it distorts the natural form of weed plants.

Why is not recommended to top marijuana plants during flowering?

It is already late because flowering has started. Topping is also a means to get the weed plant to flower more and topping them at this stage won't help anymore.

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