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Purple Widow Marijuana Strain Purple Widow
The breeders De Sjamaan crossed White Widow and the Purps to produce Purple Widow weed. It is termed as a read more...
Purple Wizard  Marijuana Strain Purple Wizard
Purple Wizard was an excellent marijuana plant to grow in the climate of Northern Europe. This weed is a sativa read more...
Purple Wreck  Marijuana Strain Purple Wreck
Purple Wreck marijuana strain is bred by DNA genetics which was created by crossing a T4 Train Wreck male with read more...
Purpurea Ticinensis  Marijuana Strain Purpurea Ticinensis
Strains of sativa dominate the Purpurea Ticinensis of Swiss Seeds. It develops in a medium to a tall height with read more...
Pyramid II Marijuana Strain Pyramid II
Pyramid 11 is an auto-flowering hybrid cannabis plant with a generic composition of 30% sativa, 40% Ruderalis and 30% indica. read more...
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