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Jock Horror  Marijuana Strain Jock Horror
Cross breeding cannabis had been used as a simple method by most planters but there are others especially those who read more...
John Doe  Marijuana Strain John Doe
When you are searching for the perfect way to get your marijuana seeds you should try to be more specific read more...
John Sinclair Marijuana Strain John Sinclair
As a planter and a breeder, we usually tend to overdo our planting steps on cannabis in such ways that read more...
Johnny Blaze  Marijuana Strain Johnny Blaze
When you hear the name Johnny Blaze, you will automatically think about Ghost Rider and Nicholas Cage. Johnny Blaze is read more...
Juan Herer Marijuana Strain Juan Herer
A good psychoactive effect would surely be achieved anytime you please with a Juan Herer on your garden. This came read more...
Juanita la Lagrimosa Marijuana Strain Juanita la Lagrimosa
Some Marijuana users are hesitant to try and grow seeds because of the effect it might give. This is not read more...
Julius Caesar  Marijuana Strain Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar is another cross breed strain of cannabis. This type of weed is the result of mixing SFV OGK read more...
Jungle Cheese V2  Marijuana Strain Jungle Cheese V2
Jungle Cheese V2 is a hybrid strain of cannabis from Trichrome Jungle Seeds. Jungle Cheese V2 is the produce being read more...
Jungle Jerrys Haze  Marijuana Strain Jungle Jerrys Haze
Jungle Jerrys Haze is another strain of cannabis from the seed collection of Green Hornet. This pot is considered as read more...
Jungle Wreck  Marijuana Strain Jungle Wreck
Jungle Wreck is another strain of cross breed cannabis of Seedsman Seeds. Jungle Wreck is resulted marijuana if you will read more...

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Justice  Marijuana Strain Justice
Justice is a cross breed of both sativa and indica strains. This kind of pot is known for its being read more...
    J.J - Jin        Joc - Jus    

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