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Orange Spice Marijuana Strain
Orange Spice Marijuana Strain

Type: Feminized
Genetics: N/A
Flowering Time: 5-6 weeks
Harvest size: 20 - 30 grams/m2
Thc Content: Active and happy
Medical: No
Growing: Easy

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Orange Spice Description & Growing Information
The Orange Spice marijuana strain came from the Double G female strain, which a cross breed of the G13xHP and Gum13HP. On the other hand, it was also found out that the strain's mother is the product of White Widow and Dutch Passion crossed. White Widow has been proven to provide the best traits of the White marijuana variety. The Orange Spice plant can provide a superb resin production and super sticky flowers. Its flowering period is between 50 to 55 days. This pot gives off a citrusy aroma and flavour when consumed. This weed is small (with only 1m in height) but can create incredible and mind blowing effects.
Orange Spice lives up to its name with a distinctive 'fresh cut' orange taste that gives off a pleasant flavour and smell. For those who are novices in growing cannabis, this strain could be just the excellent choice. Orange Spice is a hybrid of Indica and Sativa strains and can be grown in both indoor and outdoor environments. A psychedelic effect is expected within a few minutes after consumption. The THC level is medium. Growing difficulty can range from medium to hard but the efforts will all be worth it when harvest time is taking place. This plant grows well in hydroponics as well.
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Orange Spice Reviews & Growing Help From Growers & Smokers
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Taylor| Sunday, Nov 11, 2012 @ 00:49am

Peace Bros! Is there anyone here who has experienced growing this ganja before? Seems okay for me but I need some advice especially on what nutrients it would need like the NPK ration of ferts. The same goes for the type of growlights that can make it really thrive.

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