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Mountain Lion Marijuana Strain
Mountain Lion  Marijuana Strain

Type: Feminized
Genetics: N/A
Flowering Time: 5-6 weeks
Harvest size: 20 - 30 grams/m2
Thc Content: Active and happy
Medical: No
Growing: Easy

  • Currently 4.00/5

4.0/5(1 vote)

Mountain Lion Description & Growing Information
Mountain Lion is a result of the cross breed of two different strains, the Somas' Rock Bud and the Lionheart. The cross breeding of two distinct cannabis resulted in a sticky and chunky buds with sturdy stalks that spread in many directions. Moreover, if you have plans to grow this kind of marijuana in your background, you will actually experience an ease of cultivation because this plant is capable of growing into any type of environment.
However, you need to make sure that you will locate the marijuana in an area with an enough and sufficient space so that the weed can perform an optimum cultivating properties. You should never situate the pot in an area having limited space. Moreover, as a grower, you need also to ensure that your carbon filter or ozone is always on its working mode because the Mountain Lion will produce an intense moderately sweet aroma.
The flowering period of Mountain Lion takes place right after 7 to 8 weeks counted from the time it leaves its germination phase. During its harvest, you will obtain a very satisfied amount of yield. Most growers choose this pot to grow at home because of its high level of THC. Beginners are welcome to grow this strain because it is very easy and simple to cultivate its home.
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Mountain Lion Reviews & Growing Help From Growers & Smokers
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Charley| Tuesday, Nov 13, 2012 @ 14:17pm

The beauty of hybrid marijuana strains nowadays is they are mostly easy to grow and can adapt to almost any environment whether indoor or outdoor. I like in particular those that can also thrive in the use of different growing mediums.

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