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Mazar Kush Marijuana Strain
Mazar Kush Marijuana Strain

Type: Feminized
Genetics: N/A
Flowering Time: 5-6 weeks
Harvest size: 20 - 30 grams/m2
Thc Content: Active and happy
Medical: No
Growing: Easy

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Mazar Kush Description & Growing Information
The crossing of the Afghan Kush strain with the Mazar strain has given birth to one of the most potent cannabis known as Mazar Kush. This strain has a 20% THC level which gives it enough punch to carry a smoker to the next level of high. The Mazar Kush strain is an Indica dominant strain which is very adaptable when it comes to the growing environment it will be planted in. It has the ability to grow both indoors and outdoors. A weed grower can also plant this strain using other growing techniques like greenhouse, SoG or hydro and still expect good yields and potent buds.
The flowering time for the Mazar Kush strain is 8 weeks. For those planted outdoors, harvest can be done in the middle of October. The buds of the Mazar Kush are thick and large. It can be seen filled with crystals which just gives the grower a visual of how potent it is. The yield for this strain is very decent compared to other weed strains. Outdoors it can produce 500 grams for each plant on the average. The flavor and aroma of this pot is the same as that of its Kush parent. It gives a stony feeling which makes it a good medicine for pain and other discomforts.
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Mazar Kush Reviews & Growing Help From Growers & Smokers
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Vaughn| Tuesday, Nov 13, 2012 @ 11:48am

If I can have it my way, I’ll have my father’s 30 acre land planted only with marijuana plants instead of sugar cane lol! It’s actually more practical and more profitable as they grow fast and get to be harvested faster than other crops. How I wish we live in Columbia.

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