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Amnesia Mystery Marijuana Strain
Amnesia Mystery Marijuana Strain

Type: Feminized
Genetics: Indoor, Outdoor
Flowering Time: 12+ weeks
Harvest size: Average to High grams/m2
Thc Content: Uplifting and Imaginative
Medical: No
Growing: Moderate

  • Currently 4.40/5

4.4/5(5 votes)

Amnesia Mystery Description & Growing Information
Possibly just secretive or they did not know what they were doing and just experimented out of curiosity, Positronics crossed the famous Amnesia Haze with an unknown marijuana strain from California Valleys. Since they did not know exactly the resulting hybrid, they deemed it proper to name it Amnesia Mistery as a fitting recognition to the mix. Versatile enough and strong enough to adapt to almost any kind of growing environment, it can grow whether indoor and outdoor as well as thrive in advanced growing techniques preferred by experienced and commercial weed growers. It grows tall mainly because of its pure sativa genes so growers are cautioned to make the needed adjustment because it can easily consume a lot of space.

Flowering time is after it reached 86 days on the average counted from the time it leaves the germination stage. It will grow lots of buds all over with a huge center cola sitting majestically on the center. Don't worry about fungus because this weed plant is resistant to this type of parasite. Smoke is clear and uplifting. It will hit immediately and will put a smile on your face with your imagination suddenly coming alive and taking over.
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Amnesia Mystery Reviews & Growing Help From Growers & Smokers
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ron| Sunday, Nov 4, 2012 @ 08:06am

Flowering time is too long,12 weeks or more? I will not grow this strain but definitely I will smoke its buds! hahaha. Have tried smoking the buds of Amnesia Mystery not just twice but on a regular basis because such high THC that can uplift my soul and body!

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