Sourcing the Best Marijuana Seeds for Growing

When you choose to grow cannabis seeds always know that you have to make sure to of the quality of the seeds. That is because if the seeds are not of quality and you grow them, no matter how good are your equipment and how skilled you are, your harvest is already bound to be minimal. You have to make sure that you are planting seeds that have growth rates and to do that, quality is something that you should ensure. If you are just starting out, then it is better to get the quality pot seeds that you will grow from famous seed banks and online shops that have a well established reputation. That is to make sure that you will bebuying weed seeds that are of quality and has been stored properly.

Sourcing the Best Marijuana Seeds for Growing

How to check if you have purchased quality cannabis seeds?

If you want to make sure that you got quality marijuana seeds, then you can do several tests. You can measure the seed's moisture content. A seed that has 14% moisture content is considered to be rich. You can check the moisture content of the pot seeds that you brought by using electronic moisture testers or you can do the traditional one wherein you will be using the oven to remove the moisture. Aside from moisture, you can also conduct a germination test on the weed seeds that you got. In this method, you will be recording the time that it would take for the seeds to sprout. If you want to can test the seed lot purity wherein you will be measuring the impurities found in the seed because high quality seeds should be clean.

Are there things to know before ordering pot seeds?

There are things that you should know before you get the seeds that you need online. One is that when paying for the cannabis seeds that you choose, make sure that you will use a valid credit card. It is advised that you will use credit cards that are prepaid or the ones that has been issued by the company. Also, the delivery address for your marijuana seeds must not be the address of your garden or a vacant lot. Make sure that you will choose a delivery service that will not require your signature when you accept the package that contains your weed seeds.

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