Some Important ideas about Guerilla Growing of Marijuana Plants

Stealth, discreet, secret and other related descriptions all make up what is popularly known in marijuana cultivation as guerrilla growing techniques. This is usually resorted to by people who have no available space in their own property to grow or just don't want to be identified as the one growing them. Guerilla growing is actually more meticulous as compared to the usual methods of raising crops. This is because of the attending circumstances in such a method where the grower does not have complete control over what might happen to his weed plants especially when he is not around.

Here are some ideas that could prove useful in growing weed plants in an outdoor set-up using stealth method.

Some Important ideas about Guerilla Growing of Marijuana Plants

Choose the right strain for guerrilla growing

For stealth purposes, it is best to choose a strain that does not grow too tall so as not to invite attention from possible passers-by. The aroma emitted especially during the flowering stage is also a concern in an outdoor setting so selecting a strain that does not emit strong scent is advisable.


In a guerrilla growing of weed plants, it is necessary to choose a place that is not frequented by people. This is to ensure to a certain extent the security of the crops from possible thieves and other intrusions. The location must be secluded enough that even walk trails must not be there so as not to invite attention. Human intervention is not the only consideration as the grower must also think of the animals that could be present in the place of growing marijuana plants.

Finding the right spot

The best place to grow pot plants is where there will be lots of morning sun and less of the afternoon heat. Position the cannabis plants in such a way that they will be exposed to a lot of morning sun and be shaded from the afternoon sun to prevent over-exposure to the heat of the sun. A place where running water like creek or river would be best.

How can I know if a strain is good for guerrilla growing?

Fortunately for beginners, almost all commercially available strains have the corresponding specifications on how they should be grown and whether they are good for guerrilla growing techniques. Buy from reliable seedbanks carrying reputable breeders and you will not go wrong.

Do you have strains that are good for guerrilla growing?

Yes. All you have to do is choose from the many strains and varieties available from our seedbanks and partners.

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