Simple but Effective Outdoor Growing Techniques for Marijuana Plants

If you are thinking of growing marijuana outdoors, then following the basic rules of outdoor cultivation should be at the top of your priorities even before acquiring the strains that you intend to grow. This is to minimize the possibility of errors or mistakes when the actual outdoor growing is started.

Simple but Effective Outdoor Growing Techniques for Marijuana Plants

Get the right outdoor strain

The success of growing weed plants will start with getting the right strain. Make sure that it is ideal for outdoor growing and adaptable to your climate to begin with. Though cannabis is a strong and versatile plant that can grow easily, still you must have the right variety as there are those that are endemic in one country but at the same time seldom found in other places.

Make sure the soil is ideal

Whether planted directly in the ground or in pots, it is important to plant marijuana in a soil that is healthy and without parasites. One of the best methods to determine if the soil is good as a medium is to place worms in it. If the worms stay, that means it is good and therefore ideal for your weed. This is especially true during the early vegetation stage. The soil must not have too much clay because it will become difficult for the roots to penetrate thereby stunting its growth. It must have the ideal mix of sand to enable water and air to penetrate easily. If the water stays longer on top and gets difficulty being absorbed, then it is not a good soil to use for growing.

Location, location, location

When planting marijuana outdoors, consider where the sun rises and where it sets in the afternoon. Your weed must have lots of morning sun and shaded from the heat of a noon-time sun. It must have at least 8 hours of sun exposure to grow effectively. Security is also a concern and this should be taken into consideration when choosing a location to grow pot plants.

How would you know if the growing cannabis plant needs to be watered?

To find out if the weed plant needs to be watered, several methods can be applied. If it is grown in pots, there must be holes at the bottom. Insert a finger and if the soil is cold, then it still has enough water in it so there is still no need to give more.

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