Sativa Or Indica: Which Marijuana Seeds Are Good For You

As you browse through the internet, you will see the various options and best selection of cannabis seeds that are of indica and sativa types. There are even marijuana strains that are a crossbreed of indica sativa. The weed seeds that are good for you are those that can give you your desired effect. In choosing which type of strain to grow, determine what your needs are.
Sativa Or Indica: Which Marijuana Seeds Are Good For You

Indica seeds of marijuana are perfect for those who want to have a constant supply of buds that produce a relaxing high and overall mind and body calmness. Indica marijuana plants are usually short and bushy with a short flowering time. This is an excellent cannabis seeds to grow for people with insomnia, pain, stress and those suffering from muscle spasms and depression. This is a good evening partner that can give you a nice and undisturbed sleep.

Sativa weed seeds are known to produce buds with an energetic and uplifting effect. This is the right cannabis variety for you if you are looking for a pot to smoke during daytime. The effect is cerebral that is positive but sometimes hallucinogenic or trippy, depending on the kind of pot strain smoked.

The weeds seeds that are good for you to grow are those that can produce the kind of high you want. There are indica and sativa weed types available and there is surely one that can please you with its potent buds, high THC level, great flavor, easiness in growing and abundant harvest.

What Is The Difference Of Indica And Sativa Cannabis Seeds?

Looking at the marijuana seeds, it is very hard to determine whether it is an indica or sativa type. The best way to identify a sativa or indica marijuana is through their leaves, height and other physical characteristics. You cannot tell the difference between indica, sativa and hybrid pot seeds until they are on their vegetative period.

Why Grow Indica Or Sativa Pot Seeds?

Cannabis is available in two basic types which is the pure sativa and pure indica. However, through the continuous effort of several pot breeders and seed banks worldwide, they came up with marijuana seeds with both indica and sativa traits. The reason for growing indica or sativa seeds will depend on the kind of high and effect desired. Indica types will produce buds that give pleasant body buzz, stress relief and overall calming effect on the body. For those who want buds that produce and energetic, positive and uplifting effect, grow sativa pot seeds.

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