The use of Rock Wool for marijuana as a medium when growing indoors

Growing mediums are any element that the plants can grow successfully on. There are many kinds of them and Rock Wool for weeds is one of the most popular today. This medium is a horticultural one that is made from natural elements. These elements are said to be basalt rock and chalk. To create this, you need to melt the two elements with a 1600C temperature into large chambers that makes the substance into fibers. The fibers are then compressed into mat then cut into different sizes and shapes such as slabs and cubes. The use of this medium started back in the 1970's.

The use of Rock Wool for marijuana as a medium when growing indoors

What makes weed Rock Wool ideal as a growing medium?

There are many properties of this medium that makes it ideal for growing. The water holding capacity of this growing medium is said to be excellent and that the drainage characteristics is very good. The drain that this medium has is based on the gravitational pull. Not all pot Rock Wools are the same. The ones that are made from pure basaltic rock are considered to be the best. There are some that is produce only from the slabs that was left from the melting operations and there are those that contains mineral pellets. The highest quality of this medium is said to be uniform wetting. Cannabis Rock Wool should wet easily but should not remain water-soaked.

What are variations of Rock wool for pots and what makes it special?

When you decide to use this as a growing medium, know that you need to make sure that you know which of its variations are you going to use. It is available in granulates, starter cubes, grow blocks and growing slabs. The granulate version are used to increase the absorbing capability of the medium as well as the aeration. The marijuana Rock Wool in starter cubes is used for seeds and cutting starters. Once the seedlings grow, you will have to transfer them to their appropriate mediums. The grow blocks are for full size growing and the slabs are used to allow uniform water and nutrient distribution.

Where to get quality Rock Wool for cannabis to be used as a medium?

You should consider the place or the store where you will get your growing medium. Mediums play a very important role when it comes to growing for they can affect the plants. Rock Wool for marijuana is composed of 97% air that is why it is such a good medium. There are many online shops that have cannabis Rock Wool for sale at different sizes and forms. You should know which of these forms you are going to use. Also, the weed Rock Wool that you are going to get must be of quality. There are those that are made from left overs so make sure that you will check the quality. You can also find pot Rock Wool on gardening centers and hardware stores.

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