Pros and Cons about Indoor Growing of Marijuana Plants

For a long time now, indoor growing of marijuana plants have become the method used by many growers especially beginners. There are a lot of reasons why a good number of planters prefer this method and it could range from personal to practical as well as a number of other justifications. Indoor growing has actually led to many people deciding to enter the field of cannabis cultivation and it is because of them that marijuana became even more popular around the world.

Pros and Cons about Indoor Growing of Marijuana Plants

The Positive side of growing cannabis indoors

Do you have your grow room ready? Since pot plants are versatile enough to survive in almost any environment, it follows that they can also thrive in an indoor set-up no matter how small the space available. Depending on the variety of ganja plant to be grown, they can fit in even especially designed cabinets. With proper lighting and nutrient supply, expect your plants to grow and thrive. The use of proper lighting can also hasten the growth of your babies and this is also true during the flowering stage. With an indoor growing system, the grower can actually dictate to a certain extent how the weed plants should grow. Supercropping techniques are also mostly available in an indoor setting that's why a lot of croppers prefer an indoor growing method as compared to outdoors.

The Negative side of Indoor growing

The first thing going against an indoor set-up is the costs involved. Since the marijuana plants are not exposed to their natural environment but actually in an artificial or man-made surrounding, they need to be given what they are lacking in terms of light. Growers must use lights to serve as replacement to the light given by the sun. Unlike in an outdoor setting where the weed plants can grow by just planting them on soil, indoor setting needs some equipment for this to happen like pots or a hydro set-up if hydroponics is the chosen growing system.

Why is indoor growing preferred by some growers even with the costs involved?

One reason could be that they simply don't have a space available outdoors. Another is they feel more secured with their cannabis plants safely tucked in a grow room where there are no intrusions from other people.

What are the disadvantages of growing marijuana indoors?

Some of the disadvantages are the need to use expensive equipments in certain cases like an ionizer to take out the strong aroma emitted by some varieties. Some growers apply indigenous ways to do this like cooking food with strong aroma to mask the scent coming from their plants. Another disadvantage is when the grower is not fully trained in the safe installation of electrical wirings which could lead to possible faulty wiring that could lead to fire.

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