Planting Marijuana Seeds Outdoors or Indoors: Which is better?

Planting marijuana seeds whether indoors or outdoors should start with good cannabis seeds, a good fertilized soil, and a grow pot and some provisioned lighting equipment. The success of your grow is not completely about where you plant your plants.

Planting Marijuana Seeds Outdoors or Indoors: Which is better?

What are the tips in Growing Marijuana Indoors and Outdoors?

For indoor growing one should carefully select the type of marijuana seeds that will not grow taller than 6 feet. Most indoor growers prefer cannabis seeds that belong to the indica group since indica-type seeds have broader bush and leaves but shorter in terms of plant height. Indoor growers find it much easier to manage because of the plant height. Selecting the type of soil is also important in growing pot seeds. Soil should have enough moisture and must drain efficiently so that it can provide enough nutrients to the plant. Indoor growers also considers artificial lighting on the plant by placing a lamp on it and one must be very careful on the amount of light and heat supplied as this could potentially damage or even kill the plant or the pot seeds. It is recommended to have a 400 watt lamp per 1 square meter ratio when supplying light and heat on the weed seeds.

Outdoor growing of marijuana seeds can be similar as to growing indoors but several factors have to be considered. One of these is change of weather, animals that is present on the surroundings and the temperature as well. Seeds respond on the condition of the environment that surrounds them as the basic elements of the environment like sunlight, water, air and soil provide the pot seeds with their fundamental needs. These factors will affect the growth of your seeds and then to a plant. If one of these factors is deficient to the other, growth and survival rate will also decrease so you need to monitor the balance of these. Outdoor growers have more options on selecting the seeds they want to grow since they have enough space even If they choose to grow taller types of cannabis seeds. They can choose the type of seeds they want to grow be it indica or the sativa type. Selecting a good area on where to plant your seeds will also help increase successful transition from weed seeds to a full grown plant. Soil moisture is to be considered still and adding fertilizers as well.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of growing weed indoors and growing it outdoors?

Both has its advantages and disadvantages. For indoor growing, you will have a limited space and one must supply several gardening equipment that will help your seeds from growing. For outdoors, one would also be very careful in monitoring the climate and weather change as these can potentially affect your plant. Several alternative solutions are readily available in the absence of one of the essential elements that your weed seeds or plant needs. However the potency of the plant does not depend on whether they are grown indoors or outdoors.

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