Importance of Checking the soil Acid levels with Weed pH Meters

The pH levels can greatly affect your plants. The higher the pH level, the lesser the fertility of the soil is thus that harder it is for the plant to grow. If you plan on having a healthy garden with abundant of harvest, then having the right pH level is necessary. You need to make use of pH meters for pots to check the level of acidity and tone it down when necessary. When the level is between 3.5 and 10, then plants can grow in it but when it is lesser or higher than that, it is recommended to adjust it by neutralizing or adding something to increase the levels.

Importance of Checking the soil Acid levels with Weed pH Meters

How to use pH meters for marijuana when growing cannabis?

It is important to know the right level of acidity of the soil that you are going to use. To do that, you need to make use of cannabis pH meters correctly. First, you have to store the meter in a storage solution or a pH 4 solution. If this wasn't included in the package, you can soak the meter in distilled water for 24 hours. Make sure that the meter is set in pH mode and then rinse it with distilled water. You need to rinse it again and place the pH meters for weeds into the pH 4 solution and make sure that the meter reads the solution correctly. Then take a sample of your medium and let the meter read it.

What are the pH levels of the soil and the water that are best for your marijuana plants?

A typical marijuana pH meters will have 14 levels: one as the level with the highest acidity and 14 with the highest alkaline. The right level for you to be able to grow your plants on is the soil that reads between 3.5 and 10. Acidic soils are the ones that are usually located on areas where abundant rainfall is present. When a soil is acidic, the nutrients will dissolve faster. To correct this, you need to add agricultural limestone. When the pH meters for cannabis reads high alkaline levels, you can neutralize that with the use of liquid seaweed or other foliar spray.

Where to buy high quality pot pH meters?

It is said that weed pH meters plays an important part when growing plants. That is why having a good meter that displays accurate reading are a must. There is no point in using a meter that would give you inaccurate results so you need to buy from stores or manufacturers that are already trusted. You can search on online sites that offer pH meters for marijuana but make sure that you run around forums and read reviews and advices from other growers. You can also look at hardware stores. There are two kinds of cannabis pH meters, the digital and the traditional.

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