Organic growing of marijuana plants

The word ´┐Żorganic' means bio that means using living creatures instead of chemicals like fertilizers to grow plants. Organic growing though is an autocratic technique but it is still a very popular method for growing marijuana. There are two methods that can be used to grow pot plants organically. One is an outdoor technique and the other one is indoor planting. Organic growing of weed plant is chemical less technique as it avoids the use of fertilizers, pesticides and instead uses composite of organic and natural substances like cow dunk, worm castings, oat bran, sea kelp, fish and various other materials. Besides these, fruits and their vines are also used to make natural mixture for growth of cannabis plant. In fact, the use of vines is usually recommended as they are said to produce the most different tastes of marijuana.

Organic growing of marijuana plants

As per a research conducted, the best marijuana taste is produced with the composite of Flo, Blue berry and Blue Velvet. The soil used for organic cultivation is healthy and high on nutrition compared to the inorganic soil. Therefore, organic method is very popular. Even though the quantity produced is less in organic technique compared to inorganic one but the quality and the blend of flavors of organic marijuana is remarkable and preferred by most marijuana users. The growth of cannabis through organic method is although slow but the produce is flavorful and has high THC content. In fact organic cannabis is not only pest and disease resistant but also is environment friendly.

Using inorganic cultivation and you might get a crop in good quantities but you will certainly lack in quality. Whereas organic method is not only less expensive compared to inorganic and hydroponic but also will give you good quality crop with amazing flavors as the mixture used has fruit vines, organic materials and nutrient sources like magnesium, calcium that is essential for good plant growth.

Is it necessary to go organic in growing weed plants?

No, it is not necessary that you go for organic; you do have other options that are inorganic farming and hydroponics. It is all up to us what we want to go for. But organic is the highly recommended method for weed plants round the globe.

Can I do organic growing indoors?

Yes, it is possible to do organic growing of weed plants indoor. In fact, indoor organic farming is gaining a lot of popularity. Indoor organic growing is a trend being noticed since couple of decades. In indoor planting of Pot, you can go for both organic or hydroponics. For organic indoor weed cultivation, you need to LED lights to replace sunlight.

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