Nutrients Guide for Marijuana Plants in Indoor and Outdoor Growing

Growing marijuana for both indoor and outdoor requires different nutrient mix in all stages of growth. The grower must know that there are different nutritional requirements especially when the weed plants have entered another stage of growing in order to make the necessary adjustment not only in terms of balance but also when it comes of frequency of feeding.

Nutrients Guide for Marijuana Plants in Indoor and Outdoor Growing

Nutrients are fed to outdoor cannabis plants mainly through water but not on a daily basis. Watering may be needed on a daily basis depending on the growing environment but not in the case of nutrients. Over-feeding is sometimes as deadly as over-or under watering so this must be taken into consideration. Under normal growing circumstances, twice a week feeding of cannabis plants is good enough. A good ratio of Nitrogen, Phosporous, potassium and other important element are necessary. One good thing going for the grower is there are ready made nutrients that can be bought and following the directions that come with it is important.

If you are growing marijuana plants, you might want to take a look at the following NPK ratio.

Vegetative Stage

The ideal NPK ratio is generally 5-10-5 or 7-9-5. It is during the early stages of growth that you will see your weed plants growing as fast as they can and they need all the nutrients necessary during this stage. Though they need nutrients, the exact mix is still important and must be followed.

Flowering Stage

A different mix is needed when flowering time comes and an NPK ratio of 3-10-4, or 4-3-12 is ideal in this stage. The nutritional requirements must be given on a scheduled basis and will only stop 2 weeks before you are scheduled to harvest your pot plants. During the last 2 weeks, the weed plants are weaned from feeding on anything and they are instead given a water treatment for the entire 2 weeks period. This is to make sure that the marijuana buds when smoked will not taste like plant food or anything that will affect the taste when smoked.

Are there any other types of fertilizers and nutrients for outdoor growing marijuana plants?

Yes and there are plenty more that can be used especially in soil mixes. They are Guano, Gypsum, Lime, compost and greensand among others.

Will proper nutrients feeding ensure that I will have high yield from my weed plants? Proper feeding of nutrients will ensure that your cannabis plants will reach their growth and yield potential. It does not necessarily mean they will always have more yield because 90% of how pot plants perform is based on their genetics.

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