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Male marijuana plants will not produce nearly as much marijuana leaves as a female marijuana plant would. There are a lot of issues with male weed plants and most growers will just throw them out after they are determined to be male plants. If you do decide to continue growing them then you are probably just wasting space and effort but there could be a minor yield of marijuana leaves.


This is a controversial subject because some people state that you cannot grow buds that you can smoke from male plants but others have stated that they have smoked it before. Even if it is possible to grow some buds the yield will not be nearly as much as it would for a female plant and the taste and potency is probably a lot less ideal.

The best thing to do is just grow female marijuana plants. When you get the weed seeds you probably won’t know the gender right away but whenever you find out a plant is male you should just toss it away because it could damage the growth of the female if grown in the same environment. The benefits from growing male marijuana plants are limited and there is no true value in doing that so the best option is to just stick with growing female weed plants.

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