Indoor Marijuana Growing with Bubbleponics System

Hydroponics growing of marijuana plants has many different approaches and one of which is bubbleponics. It is a growing system that is basically the same with the Deep Water Culture variety of hydroponics were the roots are submerged in water. There is no growing medium needed in this set-up in order for the roots to directly get the nutrients from water. The growing weed plants are suspended using a trap that holds its body above water while the roots are submerged in flowing water. The idea is to get as much oxygen to the roots by way of constantly moving the water and not allowing it to stagnate. Without a growing medium, roots are also able to grow faster because they have easy access to nutrients and most of its efforts are focused then on growing.

Indoor Marijuana  Growing with Bubbleponics System

Keeping the roots submerged in water is supposed to drown the roots but the oxygenated water keeps them healthy. The pump action that causes bubbles through airstone especially included in the set-up dissolves the oxygen in water and keeps the roots healthy. Bubbleponics is recognized and proven as more effective than other hydro systems using growing mediums like perlite, rockwool, or any other mediums for that matter.

Growing marijuana plants using bubbleponics system will make your plants grow faster and this is one reason why you need more space in the grow room. Because they are expected to grow bigger and faster, just about 2-3 plants can be accommodated in one set-up. There is a tendency for the weed plants to get crowded that's why most growers using bubbleponics start the flowering stage when the pot plants reach a height of about 16-20 inches and his can be done by adjusting the light cycle to 12/12. Keeping them on the small size is better than allowing full vegetation because they will have a tendency to grow out of control in most cases in a bubbleponics system of growing.

Is there a special type of water that should be used in a bubbleponics set-up?

You can use any kind of water whether distilled or tap as long as it has the correct ph level. It is important for the water not to be acidic just like in growing using any other mediums.

Are there any special nutrients that must be used in a bubbleponics set-up?

As long as the nutrients can be used in a hydro set-up, then it's okay. Just follow the prescribed feeding schedule so as not to miss anything in terms of nutrient supply to your weed plants.

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