Marijuana Growing using the Sea of Green Method

There are many ways employed to grow marijuana plants and growers use different techniques in order to maximize yield of their plants. One such technique is known as the Sea of Green method. It is very popular especially for those who grow different varieties of weed plant and have commercial purposes for doing it. With this method, the grower can harvest on a consistent basis although in small amounts per plant. The multitude of weed plants being grown at the same time and successively enables the grower to harvest more on a consistent basis.

 Marijuana Growing using the Sea of Green Method

With the sea of green (SOG), growers place the containers of cannabis plants close to each other. It could be as close as four regular sized containers in one square foot thereby making the weed plants grow very close to each other thus forming a green canopy that is why it is called "sea of green." Lighting plays an important role in this method and the more light exposure the better it is for the growing cannabis plants under this system. Since light does not penetrate the bottom portion, it follows that the lower portion deprived of light will not flower and only the tops will grow buds. This is expected and is normally the case even in ordinary indoor setting so it won't matter especially as compared to the benefits in terms of continuous yield.

One reason why the grower can have continuous yield is because the marijuana plants are grown consecutively together. So while others are flowering, some are finishing the vegetation stage while the rest could be ready for harvest or just entering the vegetation stage. With an SOG method of growing weed plants, the commercial grower can immediately cash in on the harvested plants and cover some if not all of the expenses like electricity bills and other costs involved in the growing process.

Can I use clones for SOG growing?

Yes. Actually cuttings are good for and SOG set-up and many growers use this method of growing from clones and laying them in an SOG set-up.

Are there any remedies for the bottom part of my weed plants in an SOG cos the leavers are drying out?

Since the lights are concentrated on the top and the sides of the growing weed plants, it follows that those in the middle won't be able to get light and they will wither but they have healthy tops at the same time so this is okay. Pruning the yellowing leaves is okay also but this may not be possible for the middle plants if the set-up covers a big space.

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