Marijuana Growing Using the Screen of Green (SCROG) Method

One of the best ways to grow lots of marijuana plants in a relatively small space is the Screen of Green Method (SCROG). It is basically the same with an SOG set-up with the screen on top of the weed plants as the only difference. This is especially good for stealth purposes because the screen on top of the growing weed plants will contribute to the shorter height that it can make towards maturity. This is one reason why growers can grow even in cabinets and really small spaces. The only issue is when you grow a lot of cannabis plants since the spread will be horizontal in such case.

Marijuana Growing Using the Screen of Green (SCROG) Method

Screen of Green is more efficient as compared to SOG because the bottom part can be exposed to light. This is possible because the pot plants can be trained to shoot stems to the screen holes and grow leaves on top of the screen only and leaving the lower portion fully exposed to lighting since the leaves are mostly on top of the screen. With good lighting exposure, the weed plants are expected to give more yield. It is actually up to the grower to control how long the marijuana plants can stay in the vegging period.

The screen to be used plays an important role in the vegetation and flowering of the pot plants in the SCROG growing method. The screen spacing will depend on the strain being grown and it could be anywhere between 2 to 4 inches square. It must be strong enough and fixed in such a way that it can withstand the slow but steady push upwards by the growing weed plant. Growers must install the screen during the early vegetation stage about 8 to 12 inches above the plants so the hands can get between the screen and the tops. The growing stems will be guided to the hole of the screen so ideal branching can be achieved with no branches bending below the screen.

Do I have to adjust the height of the screen every now and then?

No. Once installed, the screen must stay there. This will also ensure that the weed plant will not grow tall. It is actually one of the effective ways to grow shorter cannabis plants.

Are there particular marijuana strains that are good for SCROG method of growing?

Yes. Ideal strains should be those that grow to a short height but this is no hindrance to growing tall weed plants in a SCROG set-up especially if you have the space.

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