Marijuana Growing Super Cropping Techniques for More Harvest

These days, the number of people joining the cannabis world is increasing. More and more people are starting to see the value of the weed; many people agree that smoking pot has more benefits than harm that in some countries, smoking pot is no big deal. The same goes for marijuana pot breeders, anyone can grow them in their own backyard or wherever they want to plant them. Now talk about growing weed, there are some super cropping techniques that you could use to ensure that you get nothing but the best the crop has to offer. In other words, it is now possible for you to grow plants to maximize the yield. To the cannabis world, there are many techniques used such as Low Stress Training; Screen of Green; Sea of Green; and the Super Cropping Technique.

Marijuana Growing Super Cropping Techniques for More Harvest

The super cropping technique has been given less credit than what it actually deserves, hence, we are going to focus on this particular method and see its benefits. The super cropping method is the art of cutting off the upper portion of the main stem. Timing is very important here since this method is best done during the vegetative growth of the cannabis. Anyway, by doing so, it will enable the crop to grow additional shoots, and believe it or not, it will grow more since the cannabis weed variety is a very tough plant! Since it will grow more shoots, do the math and figure out how many more buds you could get out of by cutting the stem alone using the super cropping technique. However, it may not be as easy as it sounds so as a breeder, your role is to make sure that you know what you are doing and take careful steps in doing this.

How do I do the super cropping technique?

It's fairly simple. Take a branch between your index finger and thumb, then gently squeeze until you can feel and see that the branch is about to break, then release the pressure. Remember that your goal here is to have branches grow on top of the crushed area.

When is the best time to do this type of method?

As mentioned, this is best done in the vegetative stage, specifically on its second or third week of the phase. A lot of weed breeders make the mistake of giving up just when things are starting to look good. The plant may look dead, but more often than not, it grows back to produce more buds, so have patience.

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