Marijuana Equipments To Use In Germinating Your Pot Seeds

Marijuana seeds germination do not demand for costly equipments. Some of the necessary equipments are thermometer, buckets, paper towels which will be moistened with water and plates used to contain and to cover the seeds to be germinated. Several weed growers germinate their pot seeds in moistened paper towels while others prefer to have the seeds germinated in rock wool cubes since this type of grow medium has been known to retain more water.
Marijuana Equipments To Use In Germinating Your Pot Seeds

Prior to seed germination, ensure that the room or working area where you will germinate the seeds is clean to prevent mold growth. Before germinating the seeds, gather all the necessary marijuana equipments like buckets, tweezers, shot glasses, paper towels (kitchen-type), plates, warm cupboard and thermometer to check the temperature around the seed area. Temperature in the room should be kept between 19 to 26 degrees Celsius. For good ventilation, circulating fans or other ventilating systems may be a great addition to the room to ensure proper exchange of air. Poor ventilation inside the room may cause stagnant air which in turn may result to the growth of molds on the seeds or seedlings of marijuana.

Weed seeds to be germinated are placed in moistened paper towels and small plate. Get another plate and use as a covering. Store them in a dark room with warm temperature. For some gardeners, they prefer to germinate the seeds in rock wool cubes. Unlike the vegetative phase, the germination period do not need sunlight or any other artificial light source.

What Equipments Are Necessary For Weed Seeds Germination?

Germinating pot seeds is not difficult to do. Equipments needed are easily accessed since most are commonly found in the household. You need paper towels, plates, warm cupboard and thermometer. These things are necessary for a successful germination. If you want high success rate in seed germination, get high quality cannabis seeds. Do constant monitoring and make sure to keep paper towels always moist. Tweezers, buckets and shot glasses are also needed during the pre-soaking of weed seeds.

Is Light Needed For Germinating Marijuana Seeds?

Marijuana seeds are best germinated in moist kitchen-type paper towels. Using plates and other weed equipments, germinate cannabis seeds in a warm and dark room. Artificial light source is not needed during the germination period. The seeds need warm air and moisture but not any amount of light � artificial or natural sunlight. Do not expose them to light for 24 to 48 hours. Placing the seeds in a dark room will allow them to absorb more water.

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