Marijuana Equipment to Prepare Before Planting your Marijuana Seeds

A number of equipment is needed to ensure the quality and success rate of your marijuana seeds. From the germination stage to transferring your sprout to a grow box and finally to cultivation and harvesting. Listed below is some of the basic equipment needed for growing.

Germination Stage Paper towel or kitchen towel
Air-tight or sealed container e.g. Tupperware

Planting / Growing Stage
Grow pot / plant box
Lighting equipment (fluorescent lamps)
Gardening tools e.g. cutter

Marijuana Equipment to Prepare Before Planting your Marijuana Seeds

Why use Paper Towel in germinating your Cannabis seeds?

From the germination stage, paper towel is most commonly used as this could control or sustain moisture where you will place your marijuana seeds to. It depends on if you decide to go for a cup or an air-tight or sealed plastic container. Paper towel is needed if you decide to place your marijuana seed on an air-tight container since this is where you will place yourweed seeds together with a desiccant.

What are the other Marijuana Equipments and Tools to use in Growing Weed Plants?

Desiccants help control mould build up and moisture stability which will also increase the success rate of your cannabis seeds to become a sprout. As soon as you notice a crack on the cannabis seed, you'll have it then place it on a plant box or a grow pot. Then select a good quality soil that has enough moisture and draining capability as this could help provide enough nutrients to the cannabis seeds. For indoor weed seed growers, you'll need to setup an artificial lighting since this is not available inside your house or storage. Commonly used lighting is a fluorescent lamp that has enough wattage to provide sufficient heat and light to the plant. But one has to be careful on setting this up since too much of it could lead to damage to the pot seeds or plant. Some growers even setup a ventilation or exhaust to remove excess heat produced by the lamp.

Compared to outdoor growers, heat and light will not be much of a problem since there is enough supply of sunlight needed for the pot seeds and plants. But they are more careful on the weather and climate change as this could also be a contributing factor for yourplant's growth. Water is essential as well, since too much exposure to sunlight could dry up the soil and could damage the pot seeds and this is where growers come in and provide water if necessary. Gardening tools must also be at reach since some weed seed growers prefer to trim down their plants depending on their growth and plant height preferences.

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