Kinds of Indoor Growing Systems for Marijuana Plants

Indoor growing offers a lot of opportunities to the grower in terms of the available systems for growing marijuana plants. Unlike outdoor growing, an indoor set-up offers several choices to suit the needs of the grower. There are small and large set-ups to suit any budget and also improvised versions that suit the needs and budget. Due to limited space, let us focus on the main systems being used by most indoor growing enthusiasts.

Kinds of Indoor Growing Systems for Marijuana Plants

Soil based

Just like in an outdoor growing concern, growing on soil by means of pots is also possible. In fact, this is actually the preferred mediums by some cannabis plant growers because it is the just like staying organic and natural as all plants are supposed to be grown using soil as the medium. The pots may differ in size depending on the variety being grown but most growers prefer 20 liter pots during vegetation to allow better roots development.


There are several methods used in hydroponics but all of them are based on the use of water as the vehicle that carries the nutrients to the roots of the plants. This is where the term "Hydro" came from as it also means water in layman's term. Hydro set-up requires that the pot plants must have a medium where roots can take a grip and grow in the process that's why it is important to choose which among the available growing mediums can be used. Some of the available mediums are rockwool, perlite, vermiculite and many others.

Sea of Green

This is very popular especially with commercial growers. This indoor grow system can use either soil or hydroponics depending on the preference of the grower. With the sea of green (SOG) kind of growing, the weed plant are grown close together forming a green canopy where the tops of the plants are intermingling because of the close proximity with each other. With the needed grow lights and the appropriate light and dark cycle, the grower can expect to harvest regularly because the marijuana plants are grown consecutively.

What is the ideal system for indoor growing?

It depends on the orientation of the grower actually. All indoor growing systems have its benefits as well as corresponding costs. There are big and small set-ups as well as cheap inside growing systems. What's important is for the grower to choose according to his/her expertise in terms of indoor cultivation.

Are there marijuana plants that are best only for a particular indoor growing?

Once a marijuana plant is identified as meant for or ideal for indoor growing, it can adapt to different growing systems meant indoors. There are however large varieties that may not be conducive to the use of hydroponics because of their sheer size so the use of pots and growing in soil may be best in that case.

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